Why choose Fanvil IP Phones?


Rich Features

Features like the built-in color display, optional PoE & dual Gigabit LAN make the Fanvil X series unique in its class

Award winning design

A high end design and color display with intuitive layout make the Fanvil X series the perfect choice for any business

Great Price

Fanvil Phones offer more features for your money than comparable IP Phones from other manufacturers

Fanvil X3S

2.4” color screen
10/100 Network
Power Supply included

Fanvil X3P

2.4” color screen
10/100 Network
PoE built-in
Power Supply available separately

Fanvil X3G

2.8” color screen
10/100/1000 Network
PoE built-in
Power Supply available separately

Great features included with the Fanvil X series

  • Fanvil-HDAudio

    HD Audio

    Enjoy crystal clear conversations with the built-in noise cancelling microphone and HD audio handset

  • Fanvil-PoE

    Power over Ethernet (PoE)

    Avoid cable spaghetti and down times due to power outages by connecting your Fanvil IP Phone to a PoE switch

  • Fanvil-Gigabit-Network-ports

    Gigabit Network

    Allow a computer connected behind your Fanvil IP Phone and connect to your network and the Internet at high speed

  • Fanvil-color-display

    Large Color Display

    The large 240 x 120 pixel color LCD screen allows easy phone book access and provides a clear overview of recent events

  • Fanvil-Phonebook

    Phone Book

    The built-in phone book lets you save up to 1000 phone numbers and supports LDAP, XML phonebooks

  • Fanvil-LAN-ports

    Two Network Ports

    Allows you to connect your computer via Network cable to your IP Phones without the need for double wiring in your office

  • Fanvil-Interface

    Clearly Structured User Interface

    The well-designed keypad ensures intuitive usage and the clearly structured web interface allows easy configuration

  • Fanvil-Wallmount

    Wall mount bracket

    The included bracket easily allows you to wall mount your Fanvil phone when needed

Use even more functions in conjunction with an IP PBX

  • Fanvil-IVR

    IVR (Virtual Receptionist)

    In conjunction with an IP PBX calls can be sorted automatically without a person’s intervention

  • Fanvil-converence

    Conference calls

    A virtual meeting room allows attendees from separate geographical locations to collaborate in real time over the Internet

  • Fanvil-callrecording

    Call Recording

    Call recording is a valuable tool, particularly when trying to improve performance of your customer-facing staff

  • Fanvil-messagewaitinglight

    Voicemail Message Waiting light

    The light indicator on the phone shows any left voicemail messages and easily allows you to access these from your phone

  • Fanvil-openvpn


    A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, let’s you connect your Fanvil IP Phones securely as remote extensions to your IP PBX

  • Fanvil-VLAN


    VLANs allows you separate your voice and data networks from each other virtually when connected to a VLAN capable switch

  • Fanvil-Lines

    Multiple SIP Trunks / Phone Lines

    Register multiple SIP Trunks/phone numbers in a single IP Phone (Number of lines depends on the model)

  • Fanvil-calllog

    Call Detail Record (CDR)

    A call detail record is a data record that contains various attributes of the call, such as time, duration, source and destination number